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I got back into knitting because of the Harry Potter scarves and sweaters. Although I knit other items, replicating HP-wear remains my first love.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Progress, Day 6

All right. Take a look at the status bars on the sidebar. Yup. The Molly Poncho is done! Well, I still have to do the fringing, but that will be finished today and then she is ready to go. I'll get a picture of it once it is blocked and fringed, but chalk up a medal for Team Potter! :)

As for the Fan Stitch shawl, I'm really not happy with it. It's looking like it will be far too small and I'm going to be ticked over it. I'm at row 105 out of 160, although I had thought to add another repeat of the pattern and a knitted-on edging. I'm sort of at a crossroads right now with it and seriously considering frogging the whole thing and starting anew with a different pattern. If I do that, I need to decide today, as we are rapidly approaching the half-way point. I'll let you know tomorrow how I've decided.

Oh, and I totally didn't mention a contest I won! Susan had a contest to come up with a name for a new lace pattern she created (which is now on sale and you can get the link from her site. It's really beautiful!). I entered a couple of potential names. In the end, Susan came up with her own name, inspired by reading over all the entries. She put everyone in a random generator and Yours Truly was picked. So, I get a red-orange cashmere sweater similar to one that she has already ravelled (in off-white) to do with as I see fit. If it is the right size I may keep it to wear but the most likely thing is that it will be ravelled and the resulting yarn (100% cashmere!!!!) will be reknit into a stole or some other lace item. So excited to see that. And, yes, pictures when it arrives.

That's about it for now. I'm off to decide whether to kill the shawl or not. Gah!


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