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I got back into knitting because of the Harry Potter scarves and sweaters. Although I knit other items, replicating HP-wear remains my first love.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Quick update

No pictures of me tonight. I need to recover from the horror of seeing myself staring blankly. My excuse is that I was actually looking at the bathroom mirror behind the camera to see if I had lined up correctly in the viewfinder. Yup. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :) Instead, I offer up a picture of someone who is much more photogenic than me. My darling cat, Blaze.

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Sunset Garden is progressing. I don't quite know how big I'm going to make it. I'm still on the first skein of yarn and I have 6 total that I can devote to it. I have another 6 in that colorway, as well as Trail and Leprechaun, but they are being saved for something down the road. I'll get to that at a later date.

I got some work done on PiP today. I'm about 20 rounds from sleeve attachment. Based on the colder weather (we actually had snow today, which is not an unusual thing in winter but we stick out 30 miles or so into the Gulf Stream so tend to get rain instead) I think I may want another warm sweater, so Pink may take precedence before the Olympics start. We'll see.

Just found out that a Cary Grant box set will be released February 7th. Being a huge fan of his I find this welcome news and think the 5 films will be great "knit with" watches. As I think I mentioned, I really need a movie that I am familiar with to knit along to so that I'm not distracted from the important things. Like hitting that double decrease correctly. :)


Blogger dreamcatcher said...

Aw Blaze is lovely :-)

Your pictures tuned out fine BTW! Last time I tried to take a picture of me wearing a hat, I ended up with a horrendous closeup that made me look ill :-D I haven't summoned up the courage to try it again yet :-)

7:25 PM  

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