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I got back into knitting because of the Harry Potter scarves and sweaters. Although I knit other items, replicating HP-wear remains my first love.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Busy day

First, thank you, Dreamcatcher, for the praise of Blaze. He really is a dear and is quite happy with his web debut. I'm sure he'll demand more time in the future. Thanks, too, for the kind words about me. :) It is rather difficult taking your own picture, isn't it? And I really love your wrist warmers and may have to make a pair for myself very soon. They look quite cozy.

Yesterday was a rather busy day. I finished the body of PiP up to the sleeve attachment and cast on for the first sleeve. Since that only increases to 62 stitches, I think I may be able to finish it tonight and start the second one tomorrow. How nice if I could finish the sweater by Monday, but if not it won't be much beyond that. I decided to forge ahead with this as winter does seem to be back. I'll pick up Sunset once the sweater is finished and should be able to get some more work done on it before the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics, I swatched the Lacey Lamb. I like the way it looks on the US4 needles but I think I may have to find some bamboo. The yarn is rather slippery on my Addi Turbos and I don't want to spend my 16 days chasing rogue stitches. If I can't find a pair of 4's that I like I guess I'll use my Denise 5's for it. It will be a bit looser but I think it will still work.

I also played around a bit on my spinning wheel, Minnie (that's the little one I received as a gift last year). I had some brown Corriedale that came with my Ashford drop spindle kit and I finally got it to work. The yarn is totally useless but I am more interested in the process than the product right now. My goal is to figure the speed and twist well enough to spin the baby alpaca fleece my father gave me last summer. There isn't much to it as the animal was only a few weeks old when shorn, but if I can get a laceweight out of it I may be able to make a simple scarflet. As I say though, that is down the road a piece when I am feeling more confident of my abilities.


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