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I got back into knitting because of the Harry Potter scarves and sweaters. Although I knit other items, replicating HP-wear remains my first love.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is...

...Quidditch sweater sleeves.

I finished the body last night and picked up for the sleeves. Since I ended up adding an inch to the body, I had a few extra stitches picked up, but they were easily disposed of in the first round of ribbing. I have a couple inches done on the first one and think they should go quickly. After all, it only starts with 100 stitches and rapidly decreases to 48. How long can that take to knit? And once the first sleeve is done, the second will go more easily, because I can count the rows until the black stripe starts, rather than try to line it up with the body. And have I mentioned that that prospect is making me a bit nervous?

The only "glitch" I see with the sweater is that the front and back ribs don't line up. Apparently I should have counted out two more stitches to shift it over a bit. When I did the shoulder seams, the knit from the back fell even with the purls from the front. Oh well. I doubt it will be that big a deal when I'm wearing it. I still will love it.

I was thinking about getting some black fingerless gloves to go with it, and someone in LJ's Weasleysweater community suggested gauntlets instead. I have some black Nature Spun that I think will work nicely, and I'll get more use out of the fingerless mitts, too. They shouldn't take too long, either- a couple of nights in front of the TV.

As soon as the sleeve is a bit longer (and more visible) I'll throw the sweater onto Michelle (my dressform) and take a picture.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What I've been doing

Well, I've been chipping away at the Holiday List (which seems to grow everytime I turn my back on it!). I've also been working away at the Quidditch sweater. I'm just about done with the neck shaping, so I should be starting the sleeves this weekend. And, since they are only 100 stitches in the round, they should go fast. And the patch will take two shakes to be sewn on. Yes, there will be pictures of that, especially for Shannon, since she has contributed to the sleeves! ;)

I've also almost finished my LJ Sock Swap socks; just have the toe to finish on the last one. I really hope Heather likes them.

I've been trying to get as much done as possible before November starts, partly because I fell behind while sick and partly because I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year, and that will take a few hours every day. Am I silly to attempt so much? Probably. But I am often silly, so that doesn't really signify. :)

Now I really need to get back to a pair of simple gauntlets I'm making out of some Kureyon I have. A friend who has been exceedingly good to me is deserving of a little treat today.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Holiday Gifts

One thing about being stuck at home is that you can pick away at the Holiday Gift list. When not sleeping, that is. I've gotten lost on the numbers, so I'll just say that my father's is half done. There are actually two items, so one is finished and the second started. I've also finished his girlfriend's item, a couple small things for a friend's kids and a couple other friends. I'm about 1/4 of the way through the list, give or take an item. Not too bad, especially since the rest are rather quick-make items.

Not much else to post. We've had a deluge of rain all last week, so I wasn't too upset about having to stay in on the couch. I'd prefer to take my vacation time for... I don't know, vacation? but I'm hoping to get back to work Wednesday. (In case anyone is wondering, yes, it's another stone. Lucky me.)

Hoping to finish the Quidditch sweater in the next week or so (thanks again, Shannon! You're a lifesaver!), and the pink tweed in early November. And once the holidays are over, I have lots of lovely lace yarn for several shawls. Yay! I can't wait!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Comment spam

I've been hit by a bunch of robots lately, so I'm adding a word verification to my blog. It's a bit of pain, I know, but I'd rather know that when I see a comment has been left, it's by someone that actually reads and has something to say and not a random advertisment for goodness knows what.

Just thought I'd let you know! :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

Sometimes I wonder about myself

As I said, I finished up the back of my Quidditch sweater the other day. Something didn't seem quite right, but I put it down to being tired. Now, in working on the front, I find that when I divided for the front and back, I somehow slipped an extra 6 stitches to the front section. Yeah, still don't know how that happened. Yup. I should have had 124 stitches on each side, but I had 118 in the back and there are 130 in the front. I really don't want to rip the back all the way down and work it again, so I figure I'll just adjust the neck stitches. Ah well. I wanted it to start a bit lower so I could work the color-band in anyway.

The other thing I'm getting a bit nervous about is that I am going to be close on the yellow yarn. I ordered 1100 yards of Honey and 440 yards of Coal (Knit Picks DK Merino Style) and it will be close. Not on the black; I've got plenty of that!

To distract myself from this mess, I have been working on the Holiday List. I have 2 items done, one almost done and the rest lined up. Not too bad. :)

I've also cast on for my re-made pink tweed sweater. I'm using my own oversized raglan design. It's knit in the round, because I hate seaming! and has seed stitch for the bottom and cuffs. I haven't decided yet if I'll continue that on the neckline as well. Probably will, to keep it all uniform. The body is in stockinette. I'm about half-way to the armholes. That's the nice thing about bulky yarn. It doesn't take much to get your fabric made up.