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I got back into knitting because of the Harry Potter scarves and sweaters. Although I knit other items, replicating HP-wear remains my first love.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Finished with time to spare!

All right, I still need to block (obviously), although it will mainly be to even out the bobble at the point and open the garter stitch up a touch. For all intents and purposes, once the ends are woven in (after blocking), it's done.

I'll do the blocking next weekend. I don't want to lay this out with the possibility of Blaze deciding to run across it. That still gives me a week to spare (the wedding is in two weeks).

Now, as stated earlier, on to the holiday items, which since several of the recipients have access to this site, will be spoken of as Holiday Gift #1, #2, etc. :D Posted by Picasa


Blogger impromptu-mom said...

I love this color, Erin!

It looks so happy and cozy!

10:07 PM  

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