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I got back into knitting because of the Harry Potter scarves and sweaters. Although I knit other items, replicating HP-wear remains my first love.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My first designed scarf

This is the scarf that I am doing for my boyfriend for Christmas. He has asked me a few times to knit him a scarf and when I was unable to find a pattern that I liked (simple enough for him to wear without putting me to sleep making it) I came up with this. It has seed stitch borders and the cables are left and right plaited braids. I knit left-handed, so I think they actually are twisting in the opposite directions, but since they are a matched set it didn't matter. :)

The yarn is Plymouth Encore in I think it was Charcoal Grey. #389, anyway. It isn't quite as dark as it shows, but I had to turn the flash off so it wouldn't wash the cables out.

Paul's Cable Scarf Posted by Hello

I also had to take a break from the I-cord, so I haven't felted my Booga Bag yet. As soon as it's done I'll post pics.

I got my Sugar 'n Cream and Halloween fabric for my needle case today. Still waiting for the Cascade, but it should be in in the next day or so. No idea on the Lamb's Pride Bulky yet; it's still waiting in the warehouse. I'm getting close to just cancelling that order.


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