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I got back into knitting because of the Harry Potter scarves and sweaters. Although I knit other items, replicating HP-wear remains my first love.

Monday, July 19, 2004

One stocking done! and a few other things

I finished the first stocking last night. Tried it on and it fit well. Of course, it wouldn't stay up on it's own, but it wasn't too saggy, so I think when it's attatched to the garters it will be fine. Now to start the next one.
Once they are done, I'll probably start the corselette. Or I may wait until the diet has started to kick in. Just to be on the safe side. We'll see.
I'm pretty happy with how the shawl is coming along, too. Actually, I think it will make a great coverup for the corselette and stockings when I wear them. If I'm putting this much time and effort into making them, might as well make a production of it, right?
I need to get cracking on the BBBB from SnB for Meghan, as well as Dad's throw and Mom's afghan. Only about 5 months until the Hols. Lots to get done.
I found some really nicely colored fiber at Copper Moose. I'm thinking of maybe getting a few colors and making a varigated yarn from it, but that will have to wait until my fiber budget has been replenished. Something to look forward to, though.


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