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I got back into knitting because of the Harry Potter scarves and sweaters. Although I knit other items, replicating HP-wear remains my first love.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

New books, a few ideas

I received Domino Knitting and Folk Shawls yesterday in the mail. The first is all right, but not quite what I am into doing at the moment. I'm sure I'll find some uses for the techniques at some point. I am completely in love with the shawls, though! I've looked through, and I know I am in the middle (well, far beginning) of my green shawl, but I think the Scottish wool I got from WEBS anniversary sale would be great for a warm shawl. It's almost the same red as the Wool Peddler's Shawl. I think it would show off much better that way than as another sweater, which was my original thought for it. Now to decide which design I want to tackle!

I also have decided that I may not do the plush throw for Paul. He has specifically asked for a scarf, and I finally found a pattern. Now I just need to get some nice wool for it- something soft but will show the cables well. Time to hit the LYS again! (Like I need an excuse!) Since the scarf is sort of a skimpy present on its own, I also thought I'd do a few pairs of socks. I got some JaWoll Superwash in black and grey (well, they are for a guy) and plan to knit them up. Since I really love doing socks, that should be fun.

I also got hold of a copy of Wendy's toe-up pattern and have started a pair for myself with some Colori. I really really really love the short-row toe! (Did I mention that I like doing toes that way?) Can't wait to see the heel. If it comes out that well, I may rip back the stocking I did and redo the heel with the short-row instead of the hour-glass pickups the pattern has (works fine on the toe, but leaves gaps on the heel).

Edit 7-22-2004: When I got home, I was looking at my stash, and realized that the Lana d'Oro may be the thing for Paul's scarf. It is certainly soft enough, and a beautiful color (I'm talking about the Forest green). I'll have to do a swatch and see how it holds the cables, and maybe add a few stitches between them to add width (it's a bit thinner than the suggested yarn in the pattern). And I don't have to go hunting for yarn and settle for something I really don't want just because I'm running out of time. It still leaves me with about 8 skeins to make something for myself. And I have the full bag of that gorgeous purple to do the lacy sweater idea I was thinking about when I bought it. Yay for taking a second look at stashes! :)


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